Based on a pure & creative vision of jewelry, Gamme blanche ( french of “white range” ) was built on the idea that finest materials combined to a reflexive design, are the keys to timelessness.

Distinguished by pure lines of mineral and graphic character, GB jewelry is influenced by design, architecture and nature, in washed and icy tones.

Each single jewel is designed by Marine’s hand in France.

Made from 925 sterling silver gold plated, 14k or 9k solid gold, the jewelry is set with precious or semi-precious gems. The pieces are hand-made by craftsmen from Jaipur who craft each piece in the purest tradition of the Maharajas – an ancestral savoir-faire revered around the world.

Developed in limited series, Gamme blanche collections signify high quality materials, experienced artisans, and extreme care in the production of jewelry where each step involves hand craftsmanship.

“At Gamme blanche, our philosophy is to offer you exclusive pieces, with thoughtful design and quality materials, that you will cherish as long as possible.”

– Marine Penet – Founder

Photographie Marine Penet

Which stone corresponds to your astrological sign?

« Il n’y a personne qui nait sous une mauvaise étoile, il n’y a que des gens qui ne savent pas lire le ciel » – Dalaï Lama XIV

Lithotherapy is a gentle medicine that uses the energy of stones to rebalance and reorganize the body. This technique considers that crystals emit singular vibrations, capable of improving the well-being of the person at their contact. According to our belief, our astrological signs, determined by the position of the stars at the moment of our birth, influence and determine our behavioral predispositions.

Each stone is associated with an astrological sign, Gamme Blanche invites you to discover the one that corresponds to you.

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